Friday, March 18, 2016

WHOOMP There IT Is! #23 - A Productive Week & Craft Sale

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Hello and Happy Friday!  No matter what, it'll always be my favorite day of the week!

The past week was as productive as I wanted it to be. AND I've got some pics to prove it!

I spent quality time w/my grands last weekend. We went to the park and to the picture show to see Zootopia, which is a really cute movie.  We had an all around great time as usual.

I was able to finish an Easy Twirl Skirt for my granddaughter in time for her to wear it to church on Sunday. It's a simple and  free tutorial. The hardest part for me was making the ruffle.  I was bummed when I realized I hadn't taken a pic of her wearing it,  but here's a pic of the skirt itself.
It was while I was making the skirt that I realized one of the threads on my serger had come un-threaded.  I was going to do the tying off method but I had no idea where the heck the stray thread came from and where all it wasn't, I decided to take ALL of the threads out.  Of course after I did that, I suffered a brief moment of panic.  Then I calmed down, took out the manual and re-threaded the darn thing! I would be lying if I said I didn't drop a few F & S bombs or work up a sweat, but I got 'er done!
My Serger - Oh Susana! 
I am slowly accepting the fact that my eyes are aging and w/it I'm becoming farsighted, which means I can see things at a distance better than close up. I just recently learned the difference between nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Moving right along, I cut out all the strings for my Halloween spiderweb quilt.  There's all kinds of good stuff in this pile 'o strings; Cotton and Steel, Michael Miller, Dear Stella and Connecting Threads.
I even did a test block! It may or may not become part of the actual quilt. One reason is I don't have anymore of this orange fabric. Another is I'm trying to decide if I want the strings that immediately outline the star to be of the same color (not necessarily the same fabric) to make the star more defined. When I look at this star, it appears wonky. Not that there's anything wrong w/wonky, I'm just not going for that look w/the stars on this quilt.  What do you think?

I'm still finishing up some items for the Craft Sale tomorrow.  If you are local, come on by. I look forward to seeing you. We'll be in Glendale AZ at 46th Ave & Bryce Lane, which is just south of Northern from 8a - 2p! Click on the pic to see our Craigslist Ad. There will be handmade lovelies of all kinds to choose from. You won't want to miss this sale!

Craftsy is having another sale! Check out their Sale-A-Bration Alert! For a very limited time, you'll find top designers, beloved brands and much more marked down on Craftsy. With up to 60% off best-selling kits and supplies, you can shop 'til you drop! Hurry, the deals end Sunday!

It's party time!
A Quilted Passion
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Happy National Quilting Day!!

A Thread for Life
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  1. I had to re-thread my serger this week as well and like you I dropped a few bombs along the way, but after failing several times & finishing what I was sewing on my sewing machine, I did return to the re-threading and finally with the help of the manual it wasready to sew again. Not my favorite machine that is for sure but handy to have!

  2. I had to re-thread my serger this week as well and like you I dropped a few bombs along the way, but after failing several times & finishing what I was sewing on my sewing machine, I did return to the re-threading and finally with the help of the manual it wasready to sew again. Not my favorite machine that is for sure but handy to have!

  3. That's a great idea making the strings from a contrasting color as the stars. I think it would be fine thrown in the mix. Good luck at the sale tomorrow.

  4. Lovely, as always. Your G-daughter's skirt is adorable ... I'll bet she has fun wearing it.

  5. Sounds like you had a great week. That skirt is adorable.

  6. Oh Zenia.
    You are so sweet.
    I love the pic of you in the driver seat and the happy grandkids in the back
    You are a very good example and role model for your little ones.

    The skirt is adorable. I am sure she looked sweet in it. What a lucky treasure.
    The serger.... my oldest daughter brought me an old Janome serger many years ago and it sat in the basement. I did not want to fool with that. I know the panic you felt.
    Just this year, I gave the serger AWAY !! to someone that wanted it and will use it. The whole thing just gave me the jitters to look at it. So I applaud your efforts.

    I am an old RN (getting stupider by the year, I really need to keep reading medical stuff to keep my skills sharp-- okay I do read)
    Anyway, what you have is presbyopia - it is "age related" {coughcoughcoughcough} nearsightedness.
    Myopia, means that you can only see stuff really good close, but that your distance vision is blurry.
    Hyperopia is when you can see much further away, but that your close up vision is blurry.
    Some people have one of these two conditions, and some people have different in each eye.
    Oh my goodness. I hope your brain did not explode. Well, you did get that serger threaded, and that is an epic achievement.
    I think as we get older, we really appreciate that some people know a lot of about some things that we do not know. And we are super sharp and knowledgeable about some other stuff that some people do not know willy-nilly. We can get along better as oldsters, almost as if combined brains make one pretty good brain :-D
    Happy Week-end

  7. Best of luck with the craft show! My eye sight is the thing I miss the most about getting older! Yikes! I have bifocals but I still take off my glasses for some things! I hate threading my serger, but I love it when it is done :). Thanks for the link up!

  8. Loved seeing you having so much fun with your grands this week! Good luck with the craft show, too!!

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