Saturday, September 26, 2015

The New Linky on the Blog

I've been contemplating starting my own linky party since I found out what a linky party was about a year ago.  What is a linky party you ask?  It's an online get together for bloggers w/the purpose of sharing, inspiring, encouraging and growing your blog.  Simply put, a host blogger invites other bloggers to link up a post on the host blog, in the hopes of gaining more friends/visitors for both host and linker.

I've known from the start what I'd call it. I got the idea the 1st time I linked up at Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? ...but naming the linky was the easy part.  Taking on the commitment was the hard part. After much thought (like I said, it's been a year!) and valuable info/input from fellow hosts and quilter/blogger friends, I've decided to start w/a 3 mos. commitment. After 3 mos. I will re-evaluate and decide to continue or not.  I've been spreading the word that it would be a Thursday linky but after reading about Pet Project Show and visiting I decided to change it to a Saturday party.

Without further ado...

The first party will be Saturday, October 3, 2015
A Quilted Passion

WHOOMP There IT Is! is my new SATURDAY linky party.  It's specifically for quilting and sewing bloggers. I chose the name in honor of finishes...however, you are welcome to link up any part of the process, from fabric selection to finish and anything/everything in between.  There's no better feeling than being able to show-off something you spent days, weeks or even months to make.  I enjoy sharing about all my projects (and occasionally about life in general) and I know you do too. This is where you want to do it!

The first party will be Saturday, October 3, 2015. Each week the link will be open from 6a Fri to 6a Mon MT.  I'd be most honored if you join my party.

As is common w/ linky parties, there are a few "rules".  Following the "rules" is appreciated but not mandated. But just know...I wouldn't suggest anything I don't do myself.

Thank your Host
Everyone likes to hear "thank you" and know their effort is appreciated.

Spread the Love
The more love you give, the more you get. Pick a number (mine is 5) and commit to visiting and commenting on that many link-ups. Let them know where you're visiting from and ask them to visit you. (This works well for me!)

Direct Link
Use a direct link to a specific post, not your main blog.

Link Back
In your blog post, include a link back to my post/blog and/or grab the WHOOMP There IT Is! button above and put in your post or sidebar. Thanks for spreading the word!

Follow Me ;)
Of course I would love for all you linky-uppers to be followers, but it's NOT required.

Party Hearty! 

A Thread for Life
He fills my life with good things. Psalm 103:5


  1. Sounds fun! I've added it to the Link Party page on my blog:

  2. Awesome, Zenia! I'll add the button to my sidebar and hopefully remember to mention it in my Friday Whoop Whoop post!

  3. Great! I've already added your button to my site! Good Luck. L

  4. I am a follower, and get you updates in my email Zenia :-)
    I do not have a blog but I am realllly looking forward to meeting and greeting
    What fun!

  5. Follower, false follow on Google plus

  6. Hi Zenia! New party is very welcome! I'm your follower and I shall add the button on my sidelist! Good Luck and lets party! x Teje

  7. Love this! Following on Bloglovin. We'll keep an eye out for your link up and we'll have to play along!

  8. Congratulations! Saturday is a great day. Good luck.

  9. all right! Thanks for doing it! I still haven't decided what I want my link party to contain! It was on my goal list this year... guess the year's not up, lol. I'll check it out on Saturday. LEeAnna

  10. Just two days away! I'd better write a blog post then, LOL.
    I hope you end up really enjoying being a Linky Hostess Zenia!

  11. Well dear Infact I was not aware about linky party before reading such an interesting blog. I am going to add your add your button to my sidebar also. Well after reading your blog, now I am also planning to throw a party for my all friends at event space San Francisco. I am sure it will be great venue for party.

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