Friday, October 23, 2015

WHOOMP There IT Is! #4

I went batting shopping last Saturday. I was glad I brought along my grandson & nephew.  I don't think I could've managed this giant roll of batting by myself. Together they carried it to the car. Neither could've carried it alone, but they each had to show the other and myself, just how strong they are.  If getting it to the car was challenging, getting it in the car was even more so! But we did it...and I'm happy to say I now have batting! Lots of it! I got this giant 30yd x 96" roll of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting for $122 + tax at Mulqueen in Glendale, AZ.
Even though I now have batting, I still spent the week working on smaller projects.  I finished a project for the gift exchange at our annual Quilters Anonymous Christmas Party which will be on December 3rd.  If I remember, I'll show a picture after the party.

 I also made something that's been on my list for a long while...a quilters-helper apron. I had the idea to turn the butt-side of a pair of jeans into a half apron. I wish I could say it was an original idea...but after making mine, I looked on Pinterest and found that a bunch of peeps had already beat me to it! hahaha.

The 1st thing I did was cut out the entire front side of a pair shorts, salvaging the this is what I'll use to fasten/tie the apron.
One could use the original pockets if they are big enough for one's needs. Mine weren't so I removed them and made plans to add larger ones. But first, I had to figure out what do do w/the butt-seam thingie.
I decided to lay it flat to one side and stitch it down.  I think I've seen it done like this on some denim skirts made from jeans.
Originally I thought about hemming the edges but quickly changed my mind and left them raw to fray instead.  I added trim to the bottom but didn't like how it would look on the sides, so I just did some straight stitching in red to add some color.  Like I said earlier, I wanted bigger pockets...though I've discovered a wider pocket is better than a deeper one. Anyway, I made generous pockets and decorated them before I sewed them on...again leaving the edges raw to fray.
I liked it so much I made a 2nd one. They will definitely come in handy when I work at kids camp next year!
And then I made simple Trick-or-Treat bags for the grands.
Oh, I almost forgot one more thing! I finally made something w/minky! I used it to back this simple strip quilt. I did not use batting and I did a very simple pull/roll over binding.
 I'm certain the little boy who gets it will love the cuddly softness of it.
That's about all I have for you this week.  Now it's your turn. Show me something good! =)
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  1. You are so creative! What a gift!!

  2. Oh my I'm green with envy. That same size batting of warm and natural here wouldn't be less than $300.
    Very cool aprons!

  3. What a great apron. How nice to have a whole roll of batting.

  4. The "tool belt" is really perfect. What a great idea.
    I am praying for you Zenia. I am also struggling with this exact guidance in life

  5. Now you have batting for a lot of quilts! Great ideas for apron.

  6. Awesome price on the rolled batting! I have a hard time finding it that wide. Most of what I find is 90" which is not enough for a queen. Even packaged queen batting isn't big enough for a true queen with today's thick mattresses.

  7. I made a Broncos pillowcase for my grandson! I don't dare let him see your quilt! LOL


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