Thursday, December 17, 2015

WHOOMP There IT Is! #12

Hi y'all.  I hope this post finds you all in your right mind and not too stressed. =)

I'm very thankful to have celebrated another birthday yesterday.  I bought myself a bunch of gifts...most of which I wrote about in this post a few weeks I'm a happy camper.

Even though, I'm not going to finish all I'd set out to do "by Christmas", I'm totally okay w/it! I'm making progress and keeping my sanity and that's what it's all about.

I finished and delivered this comfort quilt for a friend whose son was senselessly shot and killed while playing his favorite sport. I pray it brings her a bit of comfort when she wraps up in it.
I made and mailed these lovely pillowcases for some littles of friends and family.
And just this evening I basted this Vintage Summer quilt, which I plan to have finished and mailed by Monday evening.
One of my son's had a marvelous idea.  He saw how cramped I was getting in my sewing room, and suggested I swap my bedroom(master), w/my sewing room!  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! And of course once I get something in my  head, there's no stopping me. So...the big things have been moved and I've been working in my new space all week and it is so wonderful! I will post pics when the move is complete.

It's that time again. I'd love to know how things are comong along w/you.
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  1. Hi Zenia, thank you for trying to comfort and make your part of this earth better. Every kind thing we do, is a light to offset the darkness. So much I want to say but am speechless. Once on the DC subway trains, I sat next to a woman quietly crying. I did the unthinkable here, and asked what was wrong. She told me her son was just buried from a shooting. I prayed with her right there. My niece and her friend were visiting with me, and we four prayed with the doors opening and closing, people coming and going. I knew it was precious little but it was what I had, and we connected and she wasn't alone with her grief for a moment. We are all connected. LeeAnna

  2. What a thought gift for your friend. Very touching. What is the pattern for the last quilt? It looks great. Good luck finishing on time. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. What a beautiful comfort quilt. What an awful thing for a mother to live through. I'll keep her and her family in our thoughts.

  4. Such a lovely comfort quilt - I'm sure it will make her feel better each time she sees and uses it. And congratulations on the new sewing space, Zenia Renee! You will love it!! Can't wait to see the pictures...

  5. Bless your heart for making such a comfort quilt for your friend. Prayers sent for the family. This senseless killing needs to stop.

    How big will your new space be, that is great that you have a place you can move to for more room. Have fun.

  6. Zenia, the quilt is beautiful. I love that you put two pictures on there. This quilt will get hugged a lot. What a painful event in life. He is set free into God's loving arms and safe, but left behind are all of us that are crushed with sadness.
    Birthdays are wonderful, even though each year we get a little bit creaky and a tiny bit batty. Your son.... is just like my oldest daughter. "mom, why do you have all of your sewing behind the couch in the living room when you could put it in the room next to the kitchen?" that we just used as an eating room when all of us lived here. "Uh, ok.... hmm, oh" So, I hope this week-end you spend a little bit of time making the move just for fun, but next year you can concentrate on making it perfect. I hope the lighting is good. I had such horrid lighting in the living room behind the couch, yes two windows and two over head spot lights, but it was not great. Now I have a room with a chandelier !!!!! hahahahaha we deserve the best. The pillowcases are really beautiful. The quilt at the end looks so great. love the blocks
    Happy week-end Love!

  7. Quilts can bring so much comfort to those who need it. Your quilt is beautiful! Enjoy your new sewing space :)

  8. What a great quilt of comfort. I just found your linky party and will join in the future. Happy Birthday!

  9. As I get to know you, I am sure of your love and compassion for people. Always upbeat. Always positive. You share a great message.


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