Friday, January 29, 2016

WHOOMP There IT Is! #16 - My Binding Evolution

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How do you quilt? Some people quilt by hand, some by machine...and some by check. Check? Yep! I cracked up the first time I heard! What it means is, they pay someone to do the quilting for them. In most cases it's a long-arm quilter.  Now, some long-arm quilters also offer binding services but...some don't. So I had the awesome idea to offer machine binding services to local quilters who want to bind by check. =)  I'm currently working on a list of services and prices.

When I first started quilting I got anxiety when it came to the actual quilting, but even more so when it came to binding. My teacher wasn't always available so I went surfing and came across Quilting in the Rain. I used Jera's Binding and Blind Stitching Tutorial for awhile.

Before long, I decided that hand binding is for the birds.  I then graduated to her Machine Binding Tutorial. After using this technique for some time, I decided I wanted something w/a less bulky ending.  I went surfing again and found Binding by Machine by Carole at Fresh off the Frame. It teaches a smooth, mitered join at the end. It was exactly what I was looking for!

And then one day, either several months or a year later ( I don't know exactly how long as life is busy and time passes way too quickly), I was visiting my friend jkfreeman13 (IG name). She was showing me quilts she'd made over the years and they were all finished w/a gorgeous and very polished binding that also had an accent color.  She referred to it as Susie's Magic Binding.   It is also known as Faux Piped Binding  and it is AMAZING! I've written about this AMAZING binding before.  In the FPB tutorial, Trisha explains the difference in pressing the seam of your binding and accent fabric one way or the other. The effect is either "stuffed" like piping, or "flat" like a flange. This is my absolute favorite binding tutorial to date and will be an option that I offer w/my services.  Hand binding, on the other hand, will not be an option I offer.
Last week at our Quilters Anonymous Sit & Sew, in spite of excessive socializing, I managed to get all of the squares sewn together for this scrappy lap quilt I've named Lap Full of Flowers.
 Afterward, I came home and made a scrappy Jellyroll Race Quilt top.

And one more thing before I get to the linky, Craftsy is at it again! 

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And last but not least, GO BRONCOS!!!


  1. I think this is a great idea! I can't tell you how many times I have seen people with stacks of finished quilts. Except they stalled at the binding stage! I need to try the faux piping one myself. Thanks for the link up!

  2. Gaining confidence for each step of the quilting process means more finished quilts! I remember the day I felt I had really grasped how to bind a quilt, and it was liberating! I made a Seahawks / Broncos quilt in 2013 as a custom order. View here: Too bad they aren't playing again!

  3. What a great idea. I'm sure there are lots of people who would benefit from a binding service. Loving that jelly roll race quilt.

  4. Hi Zenia, I followed Anja over for a visit. I have used the flanged binding on my last two finishes and love the extra bit of color!

  5. That's a brilliant idea - binding by check! It always surprises me how many people stop at the binding - it's so simple and quick, and then you have a finished quilt! I have yet to try a flange binding, though - now I want to!

  6. It's always a great idea to have several different techniques for binding in your repertoire so you can choose the one that suits your mood! I have a friend who only binds by check, and her binder is so good, she wins prizes! Thanks for the linky!

  7. Oops! Forgot to add---Go Broncos! I'm from Indy and we will never forget Peyton. So proud of him.

  8. Providing binding services is a great idea. Thanks for the linky!

  9. Boy, what a great idea. Especially if you are in rush all the time, or impatient..... like ME.
    These look so nice. done and done

  10. Looks like you had a fun time learning all about binding - I admit - that is my least favorite part - so good for you! And yes - Go Broncos!


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