Sunday, September 8, 2013

Basting a Quilt on Carpet

Basting a quilt is the process of preparing it for quilting. It includes layering the backing, batting and quilt top and then pinning it together through all 3 layers, to make a quilt sandwich.  It's usually done on a hard floor by taping down the backing. But what if you have carpet?  Don't despair! Basting on carpet is possible...I do it all the time! Here's how.

First, lay the right side of the backing on the carpet and smooth out any wrinkles.  Remember, backing and batting should be bigger than quilt top, at least 2-3" on every side.  Once smoothed out, start pinning around the perimeter to keep it in place, every 8 - 10".

I use T- pins.

T-pins should be inserted at an angle away from the center of the quilt backing, around the perimeter.

Once the backing is secured, layer on the batting.

Next layer on quilt top, right side facing up and start pinning.

I use curved safety pins. I think they work best whether pinning on hard floor or carpet.

 I was taught to pin from the center out, which I did for a long time, but now I pin from one end to the other.  Also, I used to pin about a closed hands width apart (4"), now I pin about an open hand width apart (8").

So this is how I baste my quilts.  Occasionally I do pin to the carpet, but surprisingly it doesn't happen often.

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