Tuesday, March 18, 2014

To Wash or Not To Wash...

this is the question. And I'm not talking about fabric. I  pre-wash 95% of my fabric. The only time I have not pre-washed is when making One Block Wonder Quilts or Rag Quilts made from pre-cut charm packs.   What I would like to know is, should or should I not, wash a finished quilt that I am selling? Most of the quilts I've gifted, I've washed before giving them. It makes them all cozy and crinkly.  But should I wash a quilt I'm selling? I'm really interested in what my fellow quilters have to say on this subject. I appreciate any and all comments.

Thank you.


  1. I suppose for me the question would be - does it need washing? I use a blue marker for planning my quilting so a finished quilt always gets a cold water rinse and spin followed by a wash if the quilt has been hanging around for a while. The other question to ask is - is it for a bed or is it a wall hanging? If it is for a bed I would definitely wash. xx

    1. Most of the quilts I've gifted are lap quilts and most the quilts I plan on selling on my Etsy Shop will be lap quilts too. So I guess I'll be washing the lap quilts before I ship them. Thanks Lin.


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