Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Steady Progress Continues

Steady progress is being made on my  Christmas Countdown.

Spinning Stars is basted and awaiting quilting.

 The backing is red w/white polka dots.
Diamonds and Purples has been flipped, turned or birthed, however you want to refer to a quilt w/o binding, and is awaiting top-stitching around perimeter and quilting.
The backing is pieced w/assorted purples.
 I've also got several of the small quilted gifts for friends and family finished. I will post pics of these after Christmas,  

I hope you are making progress on your projects too. 

Until next time, happy quilting.

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    1. Thank you Tracey and thank you for visiting. You are a no-reply blogger. I tried to reply via email but it bounced back. You can refer to my post link below to see how to change that so that bloggers can reply to your comments.


  2. Well Missy.. What is your plan on quilting the spinning stars?.. I always find myself wondering how to quilt, what to do.. To not mess up the actual pattern and layout of the top of the quilt!! It is perfect the way it is... Sooo how do you decide?

    1. Hi Sista! You are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't reply via email.

      I usually try to come up w/a quilting plan while I'm pin basting. I think it's always good to first stitch in the ditch vertically and horizontally to get all the layers secured. Then I can remove pins and continue quilting. What I do when I get tired of just ditching is stitch along the seam using the width of the presser foot or the 1/4 foot, this way there's some visible quilting. Another quick allover quilt pattern is wavy lines down and/or across the entire quilt. You cannot go wrong with this.

      I was planning on doing something in each square but I want to get it done quickly, so I'm going to do an all-over free motion pattern instead, so there's less starting/stopping. Probably something like these wiggles. If I don't do the wiggles, I'm doing horizontal wavy lines.

      Less quilting = softer quilt
      More quilting = stiffer quilt

      Thanks for stopping by.



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    1. Thank you Linda. I hope my cousin loves it! BTW you too are a no-reply blogger, so we can't reply to your comments via email. You can refer to my post link to fix this issue. http://aquiltedpassion.blogspot.com/2014/08/i-was-no-reply-blogger.html

  4. Good job! Love both projects! The purple is great!

  5. I love the purple quilt! I especially love the non-squareness of the overall piece. What do you plan on doing with it? ~Lisa

  6. Nice job! The purple quilt is really neat - I like how you left the edges all... well edgy!! Great job!

  7. Such beautiful projects. I am particularly drawn to the purple. (My favorite color).


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