Saturday, January 25, 2014

Haste Makes Waste... and Mistakes

MPD finally caught up with and got the best of me. I'm doing my own intervention starting immediately!

Here are two more reasons I'm going to start being 1-WIP-Girl.

Having multiple WIPS has caused me to want to rush to finish them, which has caused my quality of work to go down.  My wall-hanging is all cock-eyed because I was rushing to finish. I know the piecing was cut and sewn accurately, but the trouble came in the quilting of the border which was a result of not basting the border well.

Also, while quilting granddaughter's quilt, I had to do some seam ripping.  Again,  I was rushing through this and cut into the border 3 times! I've since patched up the cuts, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Haste makes waste...and mistakes.

Now that these are finished, I can start on basting and quilting 1 of the 4 other quilt tops I have done.

I will not rush through anymore projects. It sucks having spent so much time working on something and then messing it up in the end. =(

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